B Corp Objective

With a view to pursuing one or more objectives for the common good, and operating in a responsible, sustainable and transparent way towards people, communities, territories and the environment, cultural and social goods and activities, organizations, associations and other stakeholders, in its latest Board Meeting, the company Geomagworld S.A.deliberated to voluntarily undergo a process of transformation following the B Corp model.

In addition to the generic commitment above, Geomagworld commits to the following, in particular:

  1. Ensuring its products are always environmentally friendly, with an increasingly low environmental and energy impact
  2. Finding new toy uses and applications that increasingly stimulate the creativity, imagination, intelligence, precision, and perception of the children using them
  3. Designing the toys’ platforms for any age, so as to create relationships across people of varying age and gender
  4. Developing campaigns or specific products to enable disadvantaged communities to enjoy our toys/products (targeted products-skills provided)
  5. Providing Geomagworld’s specific skills for the benefit of disadvantaged communities, by supporting projects that address their needs
  6. Creating partnerships with associations, Universities and Institutes in order to disseminate and implement educational and creative toys, also following the STEM criteria
  7. Spreading positive values through the design of educational toys for schools, reflecting topics that stimulate thinking and propose positive values
  8. Promoting the inclusion of disadvantaged communities within corporate processes
  9. Maintaining a culture of shared corporate management processes with employees