Awards and Awards

Over the years Geomagworld SA has received numerous international awards affirming the quality and value of its toys, including:

  1. Dr. Toy "Best Classic Toys" and "Best Children's Products" Award
  2. Toy Retailer Association "Construction Toy of the year"
  3. Parents' Choice Award, Nappa "Gold Winner"
  4. Top Toy of the year award
  5. Oppenheim Toy Portfolio "Gold Seal"
  6. Creative Child Magazine "Preferred Choice Award"
  7. "Creative Play of the year" official recognition of Purdue University
  8. "Mejor Juguete 2017 and 2018" awarded by the Spanish Association of Toy Manufacturers
  9. Gold medal for Baby category at "Independent Toy awards 2017"
  10. "PAL award 2018" e "Mom's Choice award 2018"